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The winery was established in 1998, the year when 120.000 bottles of high quality white and red wines were produced. Today the total capacity of Bovin winery is 1.5 milion bottles of wine.

Bovin wines are produced 80% from grapes picked from its own vineyards and 20% from selected vine plantations with the use of environmentally friendly vineyard practices that are protected only once or twice at most during vegetation. This coupled with carefully controlled fermentation and Bovin production style with modern production equipment, makes Bovin wines among the most exclusive and highly valued wines in the Republic of Macedonia.

Bovin winery has over 100 regional and international awards that show the quality of the wines.

Featured products

Dry red wine - Fruity - Spicy


Picture of Alexandar Cuvee
Dry red wine - Vol - Fruity - Spicy


Picture of Bovin Dissan barrique
Dry red wine - Intense - a Jewel


Picture of Ana Marija
Semi sweet Rosé - Fruity - Floral


Picture of Bovin Merlot
Dry red wine - Fruity


Picture of Chardonay  barique
Dry white wine - Around


Picture of Chardonnay
Bovin winery


Picture of Vranec
Dry red wine -Fruity - Intense


Picture of Venus
Dry red wine -Fruity - Intense