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The story of Trinity Canyon Vineyards started in two thousand nine, when three (Trinity) enthusiastic and determined wine aficionados decided to step into the mysterious world of wine crafting. 

Assisted by an equally passionate group of winegrowers and winemakers, they established a unique vineyard in the Vayots Dzor Highlands, in the close vicinity of the world’s oldest known wine producing site dating back some 6100 years.

Trinity wines are filled with faith, traditions and legends of Armenian winemakers that will always serve as a beacon for all our undertakings.

Picture of Trinity - 6100 Rosé
Droge rose - Fris & Fruitig

€12.50 incl tax

Picture of Trinity - 6100 Areni Noir
Droge rode wijn - Fruitig - Elegant

€12.50 incl tax