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Слика на Bovin Chardonnay Barrique
Dry white wine - Full
Винарија: Bovin
€19,95 со данок
ВОНРЕДНИ ЦЕНИ - Колку повеќе купувате, толку повеќе штедите
Количина 6+ 12+
Цена €18,95 €17,95
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The Chardonnay Barrique from BOVIN is a quality dry white wine aged in Macedonian oak barrels for 12 months. With a pale yellow hue, this harmonious wine has a magnificent array of aromas. Butter, toast, vanilla and wood are easily found in BOVIN Chardonnay Barrique. The taste is subtle and round.


Locality:  Lepovo

Best served at: 4ºC - 6ºC

Grape varietals: Chardonnay

Food pairing:  White cheese, seafood, fish, chicken, lamb

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