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Слика на Bovin Dissan barrique
Dry red wine - Intense - a Jewel
Винарија: Bovin

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€19,95 со данок
ВОНРЕДНИ ЦЕНИ - Колку повеќе купувате, толку повеќе штедите
Количина 6+ 12+
Цена €18,95 €17,95
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Bovin Dissan Barrique is quality dry red wine aged for 6 months in new Macedonian oak barrels. Dark red-black colour with typical scent of cherry, sour cherry and red berries, recognizable for the Vranec variety. It has a full and elegant flavour with long aftertaste. Impressive content of polyphenols, antioxidants, natural cardiovascular regulators. Complex, with higher content of dry extract. May be stored for a long period of time under appropriate conditions. Consumption especially recommended with heavier foods.


Locality: Lepovo

Best served at:  12ºC - 14ºC

Grape varietals: Vranec

Food pairing: heavier food, roast pork, oily fish, game, lamb and spicy cheese.

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