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Dry red wine - Fruity - Spicy
Винарија: Bovin
€12,50 со данок
ВОНРЕДНИ ЦЕНИ - Колку повеќе купувате, толку повеќе штедите
Количина 6+ 12+
Цена €11,85 €10,50
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Petit Verdot   is a red wine with intensive red colour. Characteristic, complex nose and taste of forest fruits from which, blueberries, blackcurrant and black cherries dominate, backed by exotic herbal spiciness. Petit Verdot Is best served at 12-14⁰C. Wine with such a richness is suitable with a wide palette of food like sea fruits, and medium spicy meat.


Locality:  Lepovo

Best served at:  12ºC - 14ºC

Grape varietals: Petit Verdot

Food pairing: seafood, meat and medium spicy.

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