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Слика на Bovin Venus
Dry red wine -Fruity - Intense
Винарија: Bovin
30 dagen
€11,00 со данок
ВОНРЕДНИ ЦЕНИ - Колку повеќе купувате, толку повеќе штедите
Количина 6+ 12+
Цена €10,45 €9,90
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Is a blend of Vranec and Merlot. Its colour is intense red. The excellent nose is rich with tones of red fruit and berries. The wonderful aroma and very balanced, long lasting taste, which is subtle, round, full and fresh, make Venus the perfect accompaniment to roasted pork, veal cutlet, and spicy cheeses. 


Locality:  Lepovo

Best served at: 15ºC - 17ºC

Grape varietals: Vranec, Merlot

Food pairing: Cheese, veal, pork


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