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Skovin winery was founded in 1979 and it continued the winemaking tradition from Skopje vineyards, dating from Ancient Rome. Skovin produces 17 million litres of wine annually, placing it on 18 world markets on 5 continents.  Skovin wines have been awarded with 53 international rewards and acknowledgements for quality at numerous wine fairs and festivals, and in 2012 Skovin obtained the recognition “Superbrand” of Macedonia.

Major part of the wine is placed on the markets in the region and in the European Union. Other significant markets of Skovin are those in the Middle East, Russia, Japan and China, with which Skovin has established long-term cooperation and the quantity of wines exported in these countries is constantly increasing. The wines of Skovin may be found in the overseas countries as well, such as: Australia, Canada and USA. 

Since 2001, Skovin has undergone intense development and progress. In order to satisfy different tastes of the consumers, Skovin enriched its assortment with 11 new wines. In 2013, another 4 new barrique wines were placed on the market.

In this period, Skovin managed to enhance its production program and expand the existing markets. Another significant achievement of Skovin in the context of market development is the access to 4 new markets, such as Hong Kong, Poland and the two largest markets in the world China and Russia, constantly increasing the quantities of wine exported in these countries each year.  

The progress does not end here! Continuous development is the fundamental idea that leads all Skovin’s activities, thus in the forthcoming period you may expect much more novelties from your favourite winery Skovin. 


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Skovin Cabarnet Sauvignon

Dry red wine - Fruity - Spicy
€6,50 со данок

Skovin Chardonnay

Dry white wine - Fresh - Fruity
€6,50 со данок

Skovin Merlot

Dry red wine - Fruity - Soft
€6,50 со данок

Skovin Rosé

Dry Rosé - Fruity
€6,50 со данок

Skovin Santa Maria

Semi-dry red wine - Fruity - Spicy
€6,50 со данок

Skovin Traminec

Dry white wine - Floral - Spicy - Fruity
€6,50 со данок
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