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Wine tasting of Macedonian wines - Delft, April the 2nd

06 April 2016

Our team Trajko MitkovAlice van Dam and Martijn Sterk had a good wine tasting in Delft and we would like to thank everybody for attending. We were pleased to see how well everyone liked the wines. Some were happy to tastes the wine after a long time others were surprised and encountered the excellent wines of Macedonia. 
The food pairing from Emily Wong and Rallen Schmitt of Green Delight got lots of compliments. We ask them to make a tapas that pairs with the selected wines which were given extra attention and turned out very well. 
Especially the Tavche Gravche with the wine of Popova kula - Stanushina, made us very happy, this grape only grows in Macedonia and nowhere else. 
The support from Martin Philipse Stojan Petkov and Rob Nout(
as wine experts were really appreciated by us and the guest who get to know a lot more about the wines and their story. 
Special thanks to Joana De Sousa Costa and Tjerk Visser of pop-up store Delft, being able to use the workshop was a blessing.
Jadran Mancev for making all the marketing material and Zoki Despotovski for helping out.

Until the next time! Ciao!

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