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Ever since Roman times, a tradition in Macedonia became flowery - a tradition enchantingly powerful wines display the scent of the south, with a symphonic taste and the embodiment of joy of this Macedonian craft. Tikveš Winery is one of the most important makers of this tradition. For over 125 years, the air, land, sun and vineyards in southern Europe, each with its own character, each share its own story about Tikveš wines. Tikveš Winery has been making premium Macedonian wines ... since 1885.

During the late 70s of the 20th century, agro-combining Tikveš was founded by merging a number of smaller agricultural cooperatives. Tikveš becomes the largest winery in Southeastern Europe. In 1973 the wine T'ga za jug, in honor of Struga Poetry Evenings, was made. A star is born.


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Tikveš Grenache Blanc

Droge witte wijn - fris - fruitig
Vanaf €6,50 Incl Btw

Tikveš - T’ga za Jug

Semi droge rode wijn - fruitige - intens
Vanaf €6,75 Incl Btw

Tikveš Temjanika

Droge witte wijn - bloemig
Vanaf €8,95 Incl Btw

Tikveš Plavec

Droge Rode Wijn – Fruitig - Kruidig
Vanaf €8,95 Incl Btw

Tikveš Vranec

Droge Rode Wijn – Fruitig - Intens
Vanaf €8,95 Incl Btw

Tikveš Alexandria Cuvee Wit

Droge witte wijn – Fris – Fruitig
Vanaf €11,25 Incl Btw
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