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We have selected a wide variety of macedonian wines that will provide a great adventure. The wines are very delicately priced based on a delivery time of around 30 days. This allows us to organize our processes more efficiently and keeps our prices low. Of course, we also offer the option to deliver earlier and will speed up our processes when required. This can be indicated during the completion of the order in our shopping cart module.

What makes Macedonian wine special?

In terms of wine production, we are humble and ranked somewhere between 25th to 27th in the world. Macedonia has a unique climate where we see at least 270 sunny days every year, coupled with a range of microclimates created by the beautiful countryside of hills and mountains.

Let’s take Vranec for example, a grape that is not indigenous to Macedonia but we consider it to be our national treasure. It’s planted all over the country, although mostly in the Tikves wine district. Vranec is planted in various areas with different microclimates, and the result is different examples of the Vranec wine with distinct styles and tons of complexity, from one single grape variety.

Macedonia is famous for reds, but there are some notable regional white varieties including Zilavka, and Temjanika which is a sort of Muscat. We are very proud of Temjanika even though Muscat is not in high fashion around the world. Macedonian white wines can be fresh and fruity, and meant to be consumed young. They can also be heavier whites with tropical flavors, high alcohol, although acidity can be a problem.

As for the reds, they are boisterous, spicy, and very full bodied. You can find similarities between our red wines and those from other famous regions around the world such as Bordeaux and California.  Those wines may be made from different grapes like Cabernet Sauvignon and Merlot, but the quality level and the style are somewhat similar to ours.



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Dalvina Hermes Vranec

Dry red wine - Full - Fruity - Smooth
From €13.50 incl tax

Dalvina Kupidon

Sparkling white wine - fresh - mineral
€19.95 incl tax

Gift Alexandar

If you want to give something really unique then we have this beautiful gift for you.
€24.00 incl tax

Kamnik Chardonnay Barrel Fermented

White wine - Full - Creamy - Nuts
€27.50 incl tax

Laguiole Style de Vie Corkscrew Ebony in gift box

Stylish corkscrew from Laguiole Style de Vie in a luxury gift box is a unique gift.
€24.95 incl tax

Laguiole Style de Vie Corkscrew Olive wood in gift box

Stylish corkscrew from Laguiole Style de Vie in a luxury gift box is a unique gift.
€24.95 incl tax
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