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Lazar Winery

The Lazar Winery in Negotino was founded in 2001 as a small family business by Lazar Ristov. The family has been grape producers for four generations, but until now, the grapes were always sold to other wineries. After completing his education, Lazar decided to start his career as a winemaker in his own family business. Lazar Winery produces approximately 50,000 bottles of wine per year, which are exported to the local markets in the Netherlands, Germany, Denmark, Serbia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Slovenia, and Singapore.

Additionally, the winemaker also operates a B&B, which was opened in May 2020 and features seven double rooms, an indoor restaurant with 50 seats, and an outdoor restaurant with 60 seats where you can savor delightful wine and food pairings. It is considered one of the finest wineries in North Macedonia.

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LAZAR Erigon Kratošija

Dry red wine - Intens and Complex
€19.75 incl tax

LAZAR Graševina

Dry white wine - Fresh and Fruity
€18.50 incl tax

LAZAR Pearl Blanc De Rosé

Dry rosé sparkling wine - Fresh and Fruity
€26.00 incl tax