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The wine producing tradition in Macedonia and the Tikvesh region is centuries long. Since the times of the Roman Empire it has been written that Macedonia produces amazingly powerful wines with scent of the south, the taste of songs and laughter of the people living in this region. Countless hardworking and skillful wine-growers from the past and present have been part of the birth of that long wine producing tradition of our country, especially in the region of Tikvesh. It is especially Winery “Tikvesh” which contributed immensely in the creation, fostering and promotion of the tradition in the country and all around the world.

The supreme wines which are the result of the perfect synergy of the earth, the sky, the sun, and the best grapes from the Tikvesh region, along with the latest technology and knowledge of the wine-masters, proudly belong to "Tikvesh” and the Tikvesh region, which, since 1885 has been the symbol of the centuries long tradition in Macedonia.

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Tikveš Grenache Blanc

Droge witte wijn - fris - fruitig
From €6.50 incl tax

Tikveš - T’ga za Jug

Semi dry red wine - fruity - intense
From €6.75 incl tax

Tikveš Temjanika

Dry white wine - Floral
From €8.95 incl tax

Tikveš Plavec

Dry red wine - Fruity intense
From €8.95 incl tax

Tikveš Vranec

Dry red wine - Fruity intense
From €8.95 incl tax

Tikveš Alexandria Cuvee Wit

Dry white wine - Fresh – Fruity
From €11.25 incl tax
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