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Dalvina  vineyards and winery are located near the city of Strumica, south-east Macedonia, in the Strumichko-Radovishki wine region. That is famous valley of the Struma and Strumeshnica rivers. The valley has Mediterranean climate. With the altitude of 380 m. surrounded by high mountains vineyards have a constant light wind as a guest. The average temperature of the air in the period of vegetation is 20,2 Celzius centigrades. We have 210 sunny days in the year. With so many sunny days, little rains, low relative humidity of the air – healthy grapes is a main characteristic of the region.It is a new winery with capacity of 42000 hl.

The latest gentle technology has been installed from reception of the grapes until fermentation. We are using traditional délestage wine making process for red wines. Automatically controlled cap plunging is enhancing color and aromas extraction. Our aim is to capture the unique properties of the grapes, the soil and microclimates of the area.

Picture of Dalvina Amfora Chardonnay
Semi dry white wine - Fruity - Full body

From €6.75 incl tax

Picture of  Dalvina Amfora Rose
Semi - dry wine - fruity - Floral

From €6.75 incl tax

Picture of Dalvina Amfora Vranec
Semi dry red wine

From €6.75 incl tax

Picture of Dalvina Astraion Zupljanka
Dry white wine - fresh - mineral - RYPP

From €7.15 incl tax

Picture of Dalvina Tiver Vranec
Dry red wine - Full - Fruity - Intens

From €8.95 incl tax

Picture of Dalvina Kupidon
Sparkling white wine - fresh - mineral

€16.00 incl tax